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Demitri De Varona
MeetDemitri De Varona
Real Estate Advisor

Demitri is a dynamic real estate professional with an atypical approach. He is a problem solver and finds creative ways to deliver results to his clients in every transaction they find themselves in. He believes in being the exception to the rule and is dedicated to efficiently and effectively making even the most complex deals smooth and stress-free for his clients. Born and raised in South Florida, Demitri is a true native with extensive local knowledge, a global reach, and expertise in asset classes not limited to Real Estate.

Demitri strives for excellence in every aspect of life and business and goes the extra mile to meet and exceed his clients’ expectations. He is an expert communicator and negotiator, tools that make all the difference in making a successful transaction. He puts his clients first and foremost in the deal. In doing so, he has built an extensive network of other Real Estate professionals, brokers, bankers, builders, investors, and entrepreneurs that afford his clients opportunities that seldom see the market. Demitri is multilingual, crucial in the international melting pot of a market that is South Florida. In addition to his linguistic skills, he is fluent in numbers, with a background in commercial real estate with some of the leading teams nationwide. He is a proficient financial analyst, deal underwriter, and site selector.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or just have questions about the market, he is there to provide professional, educated, and unbiased guidance by way of his multifaceted skill set. Demitri believes in treating his clients like family and starts building a relationship before the transaction begins, leading to his extensive book of loyal repeat and referral business.

Get in touch with Demitri De Varona today to experience how he is genuinely redefining real estate in South Florida.

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